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$14.99 / month

Brennen Johnson’s Close Friends – $14.99 monthly will include
Webinars, Behind the scenes content, mentorship advice, live inspiring Monday’s, and exclusive access to events.

Brennen’s Close Friend Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Brennen’s Close friends where you will not only get to see exclusive content from my projects and events but you will also get a glimpse of my day to day, laughs and cries with the special ones I do life with and those I call my friends. You will gain access to Webinars, Live Inspiring Mondays, and exclusive product releases.

Once your purchase and social media page has been confirmed, you will be added to close friends within 24-48 hours from purchase and page confirmation. If you have any questions please email:

By purchasing Brennen’s close friends, I understand that I am purchasing monthly access to intimate content on Instagram and Facebook. Close friends is a subscription that will be billed monthly until unsubscribed. Any and all content viewed on Brennen’s close friends is copyright protected and may not be screen recorded or shared. Any content in Brennens close friends is unauthorized to share and record and for any intent or use of purpose will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. By purchasing Brennens close friends, you agree to all terms and conditions and Brennen reserves the right to unsubscribe, refund and permanently block anyone who violates and dishonors the privacy and terms and conditions of Brennen and Brennens Close friends. Sent from my iPhone

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